Think Ahead. Grow Company Value.

What We Do

Our mission is to help owners and their businesses build value so that they can sell for more now or continue to run a more valuable asset for years to come.

Regardless of your reasons for getting into your business, we can help you make more money, have more freedom and run your business rather than having it run you. You can achieve all of this and grow the value of your company at the same time.


Did you know 75% of owners have regrets just one year after they exit? By answering 12 simple questions you can be on the path to a satisfying exit on a personal level. Using an exclusive algorithm, PREScore™ calculates your readiness to exit.


Ready to seriously increase the value of your company? Want one-on-one executive advice? Then, a Value Builder Engagement might be right for you. We’ll focus on improving the eight drivers of value using an interactive methodology.


Our peer groups are typically eight business owners from different industries. Groups work through their challenges together, share ideas, support each other, introduce each other to their networks, and implement The Value Builder System™ together.

How We Do It

We work with you to create a healthy and strong business that is more valuable now or can continue into the fourth generation and beyond, using a system of statistically-proven methodologies called The Value Builder System™ that was designed by John Warrillow, best-selling author of Built to Sell, named by Inc. and Fortune magazines among the top 10 business books for business owners.

Based on data from over 55,000 businesses, owners who follow this system have typically increased the value of their companies by as much as 71%.   Vistium Growth Advisors have earned a Certified Value Builder™ designation to bring this system to you. 

As a Certified Value Builder Advisor we offer a free, no-risk company diagnostic & 30 minute consultation that includes an estimate of your company’s value, a health score, and options to engage in a mastermind peer group, 1 on 1 coaching, or self-service online tools to fit your work style and schedule. It all starts with getting your FREE Value Builder Score.

What Others Say

The Value Builder Score explained where I currently was with my business. It gave value to specific areas of my business and showed me where I needed to improve things.

John Christian Williams, CEO of JCW

When I first got my Value Builder Score I understood that from an acquisition standpoint we had an uphill battle in convincing others to love us as much as we loved ourselves.

Steve Henderson, CEO of Henderson Data Solutions

Think Ahead. Grow Company Value.

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