Mastermind Peer Groups

What’s next after the pandemic?

Offered as part of our Suite of Services, mastermind groups bring together business owners to collaborate and candidly discuss their toughest challenges and biggest opportunities. Bring a question, in confidence, such as “Where can I find…?” or “How would you handle…?” and the group shares insights, identifies blind spots and offers agenda-free advice from those who’ve faced similar challenges.

Mastermind Groups are yet another way for successful CEOs, business owners and key executives to collaborate in confidential peer advisory groups. The features of each Mastermind Group include:


Prior to each meeting participants watch short (typically 3-5 minutes) videos on a business topic for the meeting.


Prior to each meeting participants use interactive tools on a business topic applied to their specific business situation.


Groups of up to 8 business owners of similar size and years in business meet live via Zoom to confidentially share challenges specific to their business and receive input from their peers.

Business Topics Covered

  • Market Differentiation
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Letting the Business Run Without You
  • Diversifying Customers, Employees, Suppliers
  • Retail Transformation (Digital & Physical)
  • Company Vision
  • Cash Flow
  • Planning to Scale
  • Building Recurring Revenue
  • Rebuilding / Restarting Your Business
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Monthly topics are based on one of the twelve The Value Builder System™ modules: Value Builder Score, The Scalability Finder, The Customer Score (2x), Your Growth Potential, The Automatic Customer Builder, The Monopoly Control, The Hub & Spoke, The Switzerland Structure, The Valuation Teeter Totter, Your Short List Builder, and Your Envelope Test

  • Video tutorials
  • Online tools
  • Peer group
    (max. 8 business owners)
  • Rotational “hot seat” clinic
  • 120 min. sessions via Zoom
  • Occasional guest speakers

Why This is So Powerful

The online format of our Mastermind Groups will save you time and is designed to pack a lot of helpful tips into a rapid, two-hour meeting each month. We carefully select the modules for your sessions. Participants for each group are hand-selected to foster an environment that will quickly build trust, initiate meaningful sharing and foster insightful discussions.

  • Share ideas and current challenges in a safe and like-minded place with fellow business owners who understand what you’re going through to stabilize and rebuild your business to prepare for the “new normal.”
  • Engage in a facilitated two-hour monthly discussion focused on the most important stabilizing and rebuilding activities for your business.
  • Receive video learning and practical online tools that you can put to use right away.

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