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Here's What's So Important About Owning A $1 Million Business The Entrepreneur’s Advisor

Think for a moment about what does the word valuable mean for you and your business? Maybe it’s a business you can pass along to your kids or other family members? Maybe it’s one that you can use as a platform to acquire other businesses in different markets or geographies, or as a means to vertically integrate. Often when we talk about a valuable business we’re talking about one that’s a million dollar business.  In this week's episode, Chip talks about what’s so special about owning a million dollar business and why it's so important if you're thinking about exiting your business someday. And, we'll talk about a key consideration for you in creating that truly valuable business. Follow Vistium Growth on Instagram for bonus content and tips to grow your business, and join our community on Facebook. And, if you're enjoying this podcast, please leave a review on Apple Podcasts or rate us on Spotify. This podcast is for the entrepreneur community, and each review increases to possibility that this podcast can be seen by people in our community. Disclaimer: This podcast and related materials are designed only to provide general information regarding the subject matter discussed during the podcast episodes. The statutes, authorities, and other laws cited in this podcast are subject to change. This podcast and related materials are not intended to provide tax, accounting, legal, or other professional advice to any specific person or entity. Any advice or opinion regarding the application of the subject matter for a specific person or entity should be provided by a competent professional advisor based on an application of the appropriate law and authorities to the facts and circumstances applicable to that person or entity.
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  4. The Hidden Danger of Cross-Selling When Creating a Valuable Business
  5. Why You Should Turn Your Service Into A Product And How to Do It

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