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The Hidden Danger of Cross-Selling When Creating a Valuable Business The Entrepreneur’s Accountant

You've likely heard the adage that it is far easier to cross-sell an existing customer a new product than it is to find a new customer. And if your goal is to grow at all costs, then cross-selling makes sense. However, all of that sales growth may not do much for the value of your company. In this episode, we explain why cross-selling your existing customers too much stuff could make your business far less valuable to a potential acquirer. And be sure to check out my website at for bonus content and other tips to help you grow your business while enjoying the lifestyle you’re entitled to. Just go to the LEARN tab. Disclaimer: This podcast and related materials are designed only to provide general information regarding the subject matter discussed during the podcast episodes. The statutes, authorities, and other laws cited in this podcast are subject to change. This podcast and related materials are not intended to provide tax, accounting, legal, or other professional advice to any specific person or entity. Any advice or opinion regarding the application of the subject matter for a specific person or entity should be provided by a competent professional advisor based on an application of the appropriate law and authorities to the facts and circumstances applicable to that person or entity.
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