The Story of Our Rebranding

The Entrepreneur’s Accountant LLC is now Vistium Growth Advisors LLC

Entrepreneurs are constantly evolving and embracing necessary change for the betterment of their organizations.  And, as seasoned growth consultants and coaches, we’re no different.

We’re very proud to share that we are taking the opportunity to evolve our brand to better communicate the breadth of expertise we represent, and to realign with our refined value proposition and vision.

So, in addition to a new name we have a new brand identity as well, which includes a new logo, a unique value proposition, and a refreshed tagline. 

Here’s what’s new

Our new name represents the time-honored vision our clients possess to grow their businesses in true entrepreneurial style. Whether you want to exit your business in the near future, or continue to run your company with more freedom, our experienced advice can help you achieve your goals.

Our new logo visually represents our sole mission: to be advocates for the growth of your business wherever we see it. 

Our unique value proposition “Strategic Business Growth Solutions” clarifies the value each and every client, partner, and friend enjoys from their association with us.

And, our refreshed tagline, “Think Ahead. Grow Company Value” represents the forethought and vision we see in so many of the business owners we are proud and fortunate to work with.

What stays the same

New is fun and exciting, but change can also sometimes be uncomfortable.  So, we want to assure you in clear terms, that what hasn’t changed at all is our commitment to the growth of your business. In fact, that passion is strengthened by our rebranding.

So, there you have it. 

Vistium Growth Advisors – Strategic Business Growth Solutions that allow leading entrepreneurs to Think Ahead to Grow Company Value

We can be found on all social media platforms as @VistiumGrowth